Outdoor living space: Camargue

Outdoor living space with a bladed roof and an open fireplace This white house situated in a quiet residential area offers an open living space that blends into an outdoor living space with the bladed roof system Camargue by Renson. Thanks to the outdoor fireplace, integrated side elements in the terrace covering, the residents no longer have to wait until summer to enjoy quality moments outside.

Where magic happens... Algarve 'Classic Line'

Skye - Modular, innovative, completely closable terrace roof

The newest, most exclusive addition to the Renson® terrace covering range has aluminium blades in the roof which rotate and slide open. The blades offer protection from the rain, sun and wind. Hot air can escape in the summer and you can slide the roof open in the winter to enjoy the sunlight to the fullest. It is still important, especially when Skye is mounted to a wall, that sunlight can still shine into the home. The Skye terrace covering’s blades are designed in such a way that they drain any precipitation laterally.

Louvered Canopy - Camargue

This stylish louvered canopy with a flat sun - and waterproof roof turns your terrace into a pleasant outdoor space. With an easy operation and a silent working of the louvres you can realise the ideal incidence of light and ventilation in no time.

Windtunnel test

Windtunnel test Fixscreen Evo // 130 km/h wind speed


Ultimate luxury and wellness on your terrace. Live outdoors in your stylish and comfortable space throughout the year. Have your terrace roof completely open or closed ... You can change it with a single push of a button.


A young and modern design ... you can place this covering wherever you like — on your terrace, next to your swimming pool or in your garden.


Experience how your life will change once you can spend more time outdoors.
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