TTerrace covering with folding roof - Toscane
Terrace covering with folding roof - Toscane
Terrace covering with folding roof - Toscane
Terrace covering with folding roof - Toscane

About Terrace covering with folding roof - Toscane

A versatile terrace covering with a folding screen fabric roof

Intended for mounting on façades, the Toscane is a sleek, modular terrace covering with a retractable screen fabric roof, driven by patented technology. The Tosacane protects all year round against sun, rain and wind with its slidable roof made of water-repellent screen fabric.

Front and sides are fully closable

For extra protection and privacy, use optional front and side elements to enclose the terrace. Integrated Fixscreens provide extra sun and wind protection with screen fabric on the front and sides. Or opt for a personal note or more privacy with Loggia sliding panels, available in full aluminium finish and screen fabric or wooden blades. Full glass sliding panel walls can also be integrated into the Toscane cover.

A clean-lined model that radiates harmony and class

All side elements, wiring and mounting pieces are subtly and almost invisibly integrated into the aluminium structure. With this terrace cover, RENSON® combines its renowned quality and design with folding roof technology, and all that is possible with large dimensions of up to 6.5 m deep and 13 m wide.

Infinite Customisation ---- Endless personalisation options are possible by adding side elements. These provide additional protection and an aesthetically beautiful finish.

When lowered, motorised windtight screens create a protective cocoon. Thanks to the partially transparent screens and optional crystal windows, the view of the garden remains.
You can also opt for sliding glass doors. And in combination with windtight screens, the benefits of the sun protection system are undiminished.
Elegant sliding panels with windtight screens or aluminium or wooden blades are another option. Wood is back again and is easy to combine with other materials.

The ultimate combination of quality and design

When developing your terrace covering we paid a lot of attention to quality of the whole system. The fixings are concealed and the electrical cables are hidden inside the structure. Even the ground support can be concealed. The materials used are weather-resistant, strong and maintenance-friendly.


The terrace coverings are available in powder coating and in all standard RAL-colours. A selection of the most popular colours

Mat 7016
Mat 7021
Mat 7030
Mat 9001
Mat 9006
Mat 9007
Ral 7030
Ral 7039
Ral 8019
Ral 9001
Ral 9007
Ral 9010
Ral 9016
Ryd 7M16
Ryd 7M21

Design selection

Ral 1013
Ral 1015
Ral 7016
Ral 7021
Building configurations
  • One module
  • Two modules
  • Three modules
Technical details

Dimensions: Max: width 4500 mm x depth 6500 mm (1 module), joinable up to 13 m with a single-fabric, max. passage height 2500 mm / min. angle 4° (depending on the width))
Colours: Available in all RAL colours, powder-coated and texture coating (60-80 micron)
Control: Electrical control
Integrated water drainage
Integrated cables
Integrated motor