Patio Cover -  Lapure
Patio Cover -  Lapure
Patio Cover -  Lapure
Patio Cover -  Lapure
Patio Cover -  Lapure

About Lapure Patio Cover

Stylish and minimalistic patio cover!

The stylish and minimalistic Lapure® patio covering is a water-resistant sun-protection roof screen which rests on elegant and discreet aluminium columns (with no obtrusive joints) and is fitted to an existing wall.

Protection from the sun, wind and rain!

When the roof is closed the Lapure® patio cover provides protection from the sun, wind and rain. You can open the roof to enjoy the sun on your patio or in your garden without having to move the structure.

Multiple models!

There are two models of the Lapure® patio cover: one that drains water through side channels and columns, even when half-closed. And another model with a roof overhang beyond the columns, allowing you to enjoy as much shade as possible. As a result you also get enough shade when the sun is low (e.g. if fitted to a west-facing wall).

A “coupled” version of both types is also available (option 3) so that two roofs can be installed perfectly next to one another so that they span across larger areas (1 column in case of coupled version).


The terrace coverings are available in powder coating and in all standard RAL-colours. A selection of the most popular colours

Mat 7016
Mat 7021
Mat 7030
Mat 9001
Mat 9006
Mat 9007
Ral 7030
Ral 7039
Ral 8019
Ral 9001
Ral 9007
Ral 9010
Ral 9016
Ryd 7M16
Ryd 7M21



Rensonscreen Waterproof 

Your Lapure® has an innovative, waterproof, sunproof and translucent screen in the roof.
The screen fabric is coated on 1 side with a waterproof coating that is UV resistant.
The screen fabric is available in 10 colours, 3 of which are exclusive Renson® colours.

Building configurations
  • Patio Cover -  Lagune Pure - option 1 with water drainage
  • Patio Cover -  Lagune Pure - option 2 with roof overhang
  • Patio Cover -  Lagune Pure - option 3 coupled version
Technical details

Dimensions: Max. Width per section is 6 m /  Can be coupled up to 2x 4 m / Max. depth is 5 m, Min. angle of inclination 10° (Max. 35°) / Max. passage height 2,9m
Column adjustability (height):  +/- 25 mm
Max. roof overhang*:  1000 mm
Colours: Available in all RAL colours, powder-coated and texture coating (60-80 micron)
Control: Electrical control

* depending on the type

Configurator App

Renson Outdoor Configurator

With the Renson Outdoor Configurator you can create the pergola of your choice using the endless personalisation options Renson offers you. Our tool gives you the option to save your design in different versions and have it sent to your personal e-mail address. In this way you can always access your own designs and take it with you when you visit an official Renson Ambassador.