Patio Cover -  Lagune
Patio Cover -  Lagune
Patio Cover -  Lagune
Patio Cover -  Lagune
Patio Cover -  Lagune
Patio Cover -  Lagune
Patio Cover -  Lagune
Patio Cover -  Lagune

About Lagune Patio Cover

Protect yourself against the sun, rain, wind or cold and enjoy!

With this comfortable patio cover, you have your own integrated windproof, waterproof but transparent sun protection above your head. You are protected against the sun and rain with maintenance of an optimal amount of light. 
After a rain shower and in case of less intense sunlight, the fabric can partially or fully be rolled up. 
The sun protection is fully integrated in the durable aluminium structure of the patio cover, which realises an aesthetic whole.

Longer joy of life!

During a rain shower, you are completely protected by the patio cover. The rain disappears along drainage gutters into a drain pipe in the vertical columns, even if the screen fabric is not completely closed.
The sides can be provided with moveable side elements for an extra protection. Above all, this system can be operated with one single remote control.

Excellent user comfort!

Thanks to different options, the patio or garden can be used from early in the morning untill late in the evening. In this way, an additional living space is created. The patio cover can be provided with lightning, heating and loud speaker. 
For an even better user comfort, there is also a wind sensor.

Infinite Customisation ---- Endless personalisation options are possible by adding side elements to the patio cover. These provide additional protection and an aesthetically beautiful finish.

When lowered, motorised windtight screens create a protective cocoon. Thanks to the partially transparent screens and optional crystal windows, the view of the garden remains.
You can also opt for sliding glass doors. And in combination with windtight screens, the benefits of the sun protection system are undiminished.
Elegant sliding panels with windtight screens or aluminium or wooden louvres are another option. Wood is back again and is easy to combine with other materials.

The ultimate combination of quality and design

When developing your patio cover we paid a lot of attention to quality of the whole system. The fixings are concealed and the electrical cables are hidden inside the structure. Even the ground support can be concealed. The materials used are weather-resistant, strong and maintenance-friendly.

The terrace coverings are available in powder coating and in all standard RAL-colours. A selection of the most popular colours

Mat 7016
Mat 7021
Mat 7030
Mat 9001
Mat 9006
Mat 9007
Ral 7030
Ral 7039
Ral 8019
Ral 9001
Ral 9007
Ral 9010
Ral 9016
Ryd 7M16
Ryd 7M21

Rensonscreen Waterproof 

Your Lagune® has an innovative, waterproof, sunproof and translucent screen in the roof. The screen fabric is coated on 1 side with a waterproof coating that is UV resistant. The screen fabric is available in 10 colours, 3 of which are exclusive RENSON® colors.

Glass fibre fabric

The best choice for a translucent screen fabric in a windproof sun protection screen is a glass fibre fabric, which retains the transparency. Glass fibre fabric also scores best in terms of simplicity and form retention and is also very resistant to dampness and heat. Glass fibre fabric comes with a choice of over 50 different colours. The Architects' selection is a range of colours that are very popular in the current interior design and architecture trends.

Here you can find some of our glass fibre fabrics. Our partners will help you further for your choice of fabric and colour.

Building configurations
  • Patio cover against a rear construction
  • Patio cover against a rear left and right construction
  • Patio cover against a rear left construction
  • Patio cover against a rear right construction
Technical details

Dimensions: Max. Width per section is 12m, max. depth is 6m / Minimum recommended inclination is 8° (Max. 19°)
Colours: Available in all RAL colours, powder-coated and texture coating (60-80 micron)
Control: Electrical control
Rainfall intensityThe Lagune® can process a rainfall with an intensity of 0,05 l/s/m² which lasts max. 2 minutes. This kind of rainfall occurs on average every 10 years. (Cf. Belgian rain statistics: standard NBN B 52-011)
Wind resistanceFor the Rooffix® there’s a guarantee up to 120 km/h with sunprotection screen in closed position (stationary) For the integrated Fixscreen® Front and/or Side there’s a guarantee up to 60 km/h in closed position (stationary)

Renson Outdoor Configurator

With the Renson Outdoor Configurator you can create the pergola of your choice using the endless personalisation options Renson offers you. Our tool gives you the option to save your design in different versions and have it sent to your personal e-mail address. In this way you can always access your own designs and take it with you when you visit an official Renson Ambassador.