Windtight screens - Fixscreen

About Windtight Screens - Fixscreen® - Additional protection with maintaining your view outside!

By incorporating our vertical sun protection Fixscreen®, whether or not fitted with Crystal windows to maintain an outside view, you can create an extra outdoor space that offers protection against the sun, wind and rain. The vertical side channels for Fixscreen® are elegant and perfect integrated in each column without the use of exterior elements.
These integrated Fixscreen® are available in some 50 colours and enable you to customise the Lagune® and to create the ambiance of your choice.

Windproof in any position!

Thanks to an ingenious zip system, the Fixscreen® is windproof in any position. Furthermore, it also protects you against insects when closed. The zoom of the fabric has a special symmetrical zip. In this way, the fabric is fixated in the side channels. RENSON® provides a 7 year warranty on its Fixscreen® technology*. * zip remains in side channel 

Easy integration, also afterwards!

The integrated Fixscreen® is provided with our patented Connect&Go® technology. This invention has many advantages for the installation and the demounting of the fabric roller barrel.

Addition Triangle®

To integrate extensions in the side of your Lagune® Toscane®, it is necessary to provide a Triangle®. This triangle can be finished with any glass fibre fabric.