translucent blades - Lineo Luce

About translucent blades - Lineo® Luce®

Protected while maintaining the day light!

By integrating translucent blades in the terrace covering, more openness is created. If the terrace covering is built directly onto the house, more light can get into the house. 
By using layered glass with a matt finish, the advantage of the sun protection with a minimal loss of light is maintained. You get an equal spread and incidence of light, without direct disturbing sunlight.
The matt, translucent blade not only protects you against sunlight, but also increases your private space. 
With its neutral image, the Lineo® Luce subtly absorbs the atmosphere and the colour of its environment and reflects it on the terrace covering.

Can perfectly be combined with standard blades!

Thanks to its design, the Lineo® Luce can easily be combined with our standard aluminium blades. In this way, your terrace covering can be provided with one or more translucent blades.

Available as from August 2014.


Algarve, Aero, Camargue