Renson Maintenance Set


Easy maintenance using the Renson Maintenance Kit

Your patio cover will always be exposed to the elements outside. If you want to be able to enjoy your Renson covering to the fullest at any time, then we recommend maintaining it regularly, i.e. once or twice a year. This means the covering will last longer. The following are important:

The structure is made using powder-coated aluminium. An annual cleaning using the Renson Maintenance Kit products will ensure that the intense colour is maintained for years, as well as providing extra protection from acid rain, sea air, and UV rays. We recommending carrying out maintenance on your installations at least twice a year in coastal or forested regions

∫ De Renson ‘Clean’ is a concentrated product with strong cleaning and degreasing properties to deal with the most frequent kinds of natural filth, such as dust, oily precipitation, grease stains, moss, insect remains, etc. This product cannot be compared to most common cleaning products. It penetrates deeply and ‘lifts out’ the dirt. This product can also be used to clean the polyester fabric roofs and vertical fibreglass fabric screens.

After cleaning, you must protect the aluminium structure using Renson ‘Protect’. This leaves a protective film that allows the surface to cleaned by simply wiping it down using a minimum amount of Renson ‘Clean’. It also protects the aluminium from acid rain, sea air, UV rays, and ensures that the colour remains just as intense.