Loggia sliding panels

About Loggia® - Variation of look and atmosphere thanks to the Loggia® sliding panels!

  • Loggiascreen 4Fix sliding door - Camargue
  • Loggiascreen 4Fix sliding door - Lagune
  • Loggiawood sliding panels - Camargue
  •  Loggiawood sliding panels - Lagune

The Loggia® sliding panels are the perfect solution for the creation of a sliding door or a sliding wall. These panels consist of a sleek aluminium frame, which can be filled with various materials. To connect the look & feel of the vertical sun protection with the panels, these panels can be provided with the same fabric. For a tight design you can choose for aluminium blades, for a warm and cosy feeling you can also choose for wooden blades.
Rotating wooden or aluminium blades will be available as of July 2014 - "privacy".

Loggia® sliding door In combination with the vertical sun protection, the panel can be used as a sliding door. In this way, the terrace covering can be entered or left fast when the fabric is closed.
Loggia® sliding panels Multiple panels can fill up the side completely as a sliding wall. Depending on the width, several configurations are possible. This sliding wall can only be used for the Camargue® span side or for the Lagune® side.