Tech Cocoon

Tech Cocoon is radically contemporary and young, but with a warm side.

Contemporary design converses with dynamic, playful colors such as soft coral. A feeling of pure transparency predominates, with an emphasis on technical materials such as glass and metal.

In Tech Cocoon, the playful textures of composite materials set the tone. Terrazzo in different tones is combined with clean, smooth textures. The color palette is a combination of an energetic soft coral tone complemented by variations of white and soft grey with a greenish undertone. The orange-pink gives a warm and youthful accent to this sleek style.

Full of energy and fresh as the scent of a freshly peeled citrus fruit: that’s Tech Cocoon. This surprising style gives your garden room a spicy urban look.

Tech Cocoon calls for young design with a certain flair. The degrees of soft coral to terracotta pink give this space a southern atmosphere that is wonderfully relaxed. Allow yourself to be inspired!