Spiritual Harmony

A minimalist style in a dark color palette: that’s Spiritual Harmony.

We were inspired, among other things, by Japanese traditional architecture for the colors and materials. The result is an intimate contemporary architecture that balances body and soul.

Spiritual Harmony’s color palette is inspired by the colors and materials found in ancient Japanese temples. We combine blackened wood and walnut with visible grain, canvas beige and olive green. These dark, natural tones create a protective, calming atmosphere.

Drinking tea is a real ritual in Japan. The traditional tea ceremony takes several hours and consists of a precise sequence of meticulously executed steps. But you don’t have to go that far to enjoy the experience. You can enjoy your daily cup of tea and take advantage of a moment of reflection.

In a garden pavilion, you can enjoy the seasons even more. You will experience the energy of spring and the richness of autumn like never before.

Relaxing in nature with friends or family, but in comfort: a Renson garden pavilion opens up new possibilities. Spiritual Harmony invites you to a meditative atmosphere in which you can relax.