Pure Essence

Light and space: that is Pure Essence.

The pale colors and soft finishes give this style a feather-light feel. They create a place where you can discard your ballast and relax completely.

Lime, sand and natural white tones set the tone in Pure Essence. Think of the soft white of cotton, the delicate beige of a shell, or the rosy off-white of soap. Subtle tonal shades create an almost ethereal, light mood in which you can totally relax. The variations of textures reflect and diffuse the light, while the natural finishes and materials ensure this style does not become too clean and bare.

Pure Essence is all about the focus on the essential: sharing beautiful moments with friends and family, surrounded by nature. With Pure Essence, you can leave the daily worries behind and choose pure enjoyment.

Feather-light, transparent-looking furniture fits perfectly with Pure Essence. This chair adds a playful graphic accent.