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Your terrace covering well maintained = Enjoy for many years

A terrace covering is outside day in, day out. Regular maintenance is therefore appropriate to remove dirt and grease residue and to keep the appearance of the paint. The special Renson maintenance set is ideal for efficient cleaning. The set of maintenance products ensures long-term preservation of the intense colour and protects the covering against various weather conditions. The maintenance set is available from all Renson Ambassadors.

Four steps for optimal cleaning:

1. In the case of a bladed roof, you first open the blades to remove leaves and/or loose dirt on the roof using a soft brush or a garden hose. Also remove any leaves or debris from the gutter.

2. Clean the aluminium parts with the Renson ‘Clean' cleaning agent, diluted in lukewarm water (you can find the correct dosage on the packaging) . Renson 'Clean' is a concentrated product with strong cleaning and degreasing properties. Thanks to the effective depth effect, you remove dust, precipitation residues, grease stains, moss and traces of insects. Soap the profiles thoroughly with a micro fibre cloth or soft sponge and allow to soak for a while. A Wood Design version (powder-coated aluminium with wood look) of a covering or sliding panel can also be cleaned with Renson 'Clean'.

3. Rinse everything well with clean cold water and then dry the covering with a lint-free cloth.

4. Once the covering is dry, rub the aluminium parts with Renson 'Protect'. This product puts a protective layer on the structure and provides extra protection against acid rain, sea air and UV rays. This protective layer also ensures that you can clean the parts with a minimum of Renson 'Clean' in the future.


Additional tips:

  • Never use a high pressure cleaner, corrosive products, an abrasive sponge or other abrasives.
  • Use a separate bucket with water to clean the cloth or sponge. In doing so, you will not soil the bucket with the Renson 'Clean' product unnecessarily.
  • Do not clean your covering in direct sunlight, so that soap residues do not dry and leave any stains.
  • You can also use Renson ‘Clean’ to clean cloths or screens (both glass fibre- as well as polyester fabrics)
  • Loggiawood sliding panels with cedar blades do not require specific maintenance. To prevent the natural aging, you can choose to treat the wood with some nourishing oil.