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Your dream garden? Points to consider for landscaping and decoration

landscaping ideas for personal garden style

The grass is always greener on the other side, but when it comes to gardens, you should be drawn to your own patch of land. Therefore, landscaping this highly personal paradise on earth starts with reflection …

What do you expect from your garden?

No two people are identical. We grow up in different surroundings, have other preferences, carry out unique hobbies ... It will come as no surprise that our wishes when it comes to landscaping our garden also differ significantly. So, ask yourself, what you want to do with your garden:

  • Do you want to spend time in it often with friends and family? Or are you especially hoping to relax to your heart’s content in the sun?
  • Do you like a garden where you can efficiently grow the best herbs, vegetables and fruit? Or is a vegetable garden mainly the place for you – with your hands in the earth – to find peace?
  • Do you want to enjoy the perfect view in your back garden or are you not bothered if the (grand)children occasionally romp about in your flower bed?

There are gardens where, for the most part, you work, and gardens to enjoy, gardens for people and gardens for animals, gardens for perfectionists and gardens for the more nonchalant, gardens for flower lovers and gardens for footballers. Decide for yourself in which type of garden you want to spend time this coming summer.

landscaping ideas for personal garden style

From super-romantic to ultra-modern

The next dilemma is the style of your garden. Possible options are:

  • A romantic landscape garden with a sloping lawn
  • An English cottage garden with chestnut wood fencing
  • A French formal garden with trimmed boxwood hedge
  • A low-maintenance garden with nothing fancy
  • A sharp, modern garden for purists
  • A contemporary ecological garden full of beautiful flowers

Considering landscaping and design

Depending on your expectations and your chosen style, you must decide where to start when it comes to these garden elements:


Vegetable garden:

  • Big or small?
  • With or without greenhouse?
  • Close to the house or further away, secluded behind a hedge?

Garden paths:

  • Between which garden elements?
  • A permanent wood or stone path, or a simple narrow path mowed into the lawn?

Lawn and flower beds:

  • A low-maintenance lawn or a mix of various flower beds?
  • A lawn to play on, or a decorative lawn?

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