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Your checklist for a great landscaped garden

landscaping checklist

Do you want to work on creating your dream garden? Then it is advisable to talk to a garden designer. But not without first making a checklist with the most important requirements for your new garden. For example, do you want a patio with an outdoor kitchen, a nice play area for your children, and so on.

Checklist garden design

Basis for your future garden

It all starts – as we wrote earlier – with a couple of personal questions. They may seem simple, but appearances are deceptive. Consider them carefully before you get started on your garden design.

  • What is the purpose of your garden? In other words, what do you mainly want to use the garden for?
  • What is your privacy requirement? Some people can only relax if they are completely shielded from the outside world and any prying eyes.
  • How much time will you devote to maintaining your new garden?
  • What garden style is perfectly suited to you and your family members?

Peripheral conditions

In addition, these peripheral conditions have an impact on what is possible in your garden design:

  • How is your garden oriented? A south facing garden offers totally different possibilities from a north facing garden.
  • How is your relationship with your neighbours? Are there agreements about garden fences, trees on the property borders, quiet moments…?
  • What is the shape of your terrain and is there a slope? That is important for things like drainage.
  • Are there special legal requirements or limitations (zoning, planting, gas pipes, …)?

landscaping checklist

Elements in the landscaping

Finally, you can focus on the landscaping itself. Of course, you do not have to incorporate every landscape element into your garden – that would soon be ‘too much’ – but certainly consider all the items on this checklist to achieve the best result:

  • Boundaries: hedges, walls, fences, climbing plants, reed mats, …
  • Barbecue or outdoor kitchen
  • Paving: patio and garden paths
  • Orchard with fruit trees
  • Flower borders
  • Compost heap and waste containers
  • Bicycle storage
  • Lawn
  • Art work
  • Herb garden, vegetable garden, conservatory, greenhouse, …
  • Pergola, shaded path, gazebo, …
  • Toys, swing, tree house, …
  • Patio cover
  • Garden house or storage shed
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden lighting
  • Vegetation: trees, shrubs, hedge plants, flowers, grasses, herbs, conifers, …
  • Pond, fountain, stream, …
  • Sandbox
  • Seating
  • Pool

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