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You want your patio cover made to measure? You got it!

made-to-measure patio cover

At Renson, we make a point of creating patio covers according to the dimensions and colours our customers have in mind. However, we also believe that patio covers are only really made to measure if they are modular. That way they can easily be adapted to your family’s evolving needs and wishes. Sounds good? Read on to discover all about our customised patio covers. 

The roof over your head

When you’re in the market for a patio cover, the first question you need to ask yourself is which type of roof you’re after. Do you prefer a fixed roof or a screen roof? Or is a louvred canopy more your cup of tea? 

Location, location, location

Next up is deciding where you want your patio cover installed. While patio covers are often attached to people’s houses, note that you can also opt for a free-standing construction or have the patio cover integrated into the existing structure of your home.

Colour palette

Whether you want your patio cover to stand out or to match your exterior windows and doors, the choice is yours. Just explore our wide range of RAL colours and you’ll surely find something to your liking.

Music, maestro!

Did you know Renson patio covers come with accessories, too? If you’re a music lover, integrated speakers are a must-have. Do you wish to enjoy your patio in the evenings as well? Then be sure to check out our LED lighting system. Meanwhile, our vertical screens, sliding panels and exterior curtains can provide plenty of shade whenever the sun gets too bright during the day. Or how about a Heat & Sound beam? Thanks to this integrated heating system, you get to relax under your patio cover even on cold winter days. 

That little something extra

Hungry for more? No problem! Because your patio cover is modular, you can link it to another cover to create one extra-large roof. You can use this technique to easily extend your patio cover both in length and in width. Virtually anything’s possible. You can even combine a fixed roof with a louvred canopy!

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