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Working without interruptions? Retreat to your garden office!

Working without interruptions

Do you run your own business and do you work from home all the time? Or do you often take work home with you? Whatever your situation, a garden office – a relaxing office space in the middle of your own garden – is perfect for working without being interrupted and delivering the best performance possible. Read on to discover everything you need to know about your own gorgeous garden office!

A garden office – uh, come again?

Perhaps you’ve seen them on television or on the internet: garden offices are the hottest trend of the moment. 

A garden office or garden studio is a home office in a separate building in the garden. It’s a place that allows you to stay completely focused, a hide-away from phone calls that take you out of the zone, noisy colleagues, chores or other visible reminders of that growing household to-do list. What’s more, with its views of the garden, your office is an environment where inspiration can flow freely. Last but not least: you’re only a couple of meters away from your home, so bye bye daily commute to work!

Creating your own garden office

The sudden popularity of garden offices has got designers, do-it-yourselfers and other creatives improvising. They have come up with a wide variety of options for creating a garden office:

  • Transform your screen porch or sun room into a home office. It’s not really a garden office, but it takes you very close to the real deal anyway.

  • Set up your garden office in your garden shed. Though this solution is cheap and easy, it does not guarantee the most practical or high-quality working space.

  • What about an ‘office pod’, a home office tucked into a cozy, portable unit? These modules are quite pricy, but you do get a unique design and an unforgettable work environment in return.

  • If you want a large office space with all the trimmings, you can even put a freestanding building in your garden – think a garage with large windows, central heating and of course a beautiful desk. 

  • A fully closable terrace cover can also provide the perfect home office. Go for a high-end covering with mobile slats and sidewalls. In the summertime you can enjoy working outside, while the rest of the year you’ll be comfortably sheltered from showers and cold breezes.

Telecommuting and working at home, not just a phase

More and more people are working from home a couple of days a week or even every day. Governments and companies are putting their stakes on telecommuting and working at home, because flexibility becomes increasingly important for both employers and employees. Make sure your home or garden office meets the highest quality standards. This means using sustainable materials, installing a central heating system and air conditioning, and paying attention to ergonomics.

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Enjoy your work, enjoy your garden

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