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Winter is coming … Is your garden ready?

garden ready for winter

The winter season is a winding down time in the garden, provided you take the time to get your garden winter ready when autumn is coming to its end.

Taking care of your plants

Chances are most plants in your garden are frost-tender. If you want to keep your garden from looking bare and drab in spring, now is the time to take precautions:

  • Remove dead branches and leaves from your lawn and compost them. You can use the resulting humus as a protective layer. Another way to protect your plants against frost is covering the soil with straw.
  • Autumn is the ideal time to trim fruit trees, ivy, and boxwood shrubs and hedges.
  • Move potted plants indoors.
  • Refrain from fertilizing your plants. You don’t want them to have a growth spurt when it’s freezing.
  • Plant flower bulbs before the first frost. When winter ends, they will turn into beautiful spring flowers.

Getting the garden ready for winter: protect your garden furniture

Since you won’t be using your garden furniture from November to February, it’s best to store it away safely. Move all tables and chairs inside or under the patio canopy, so they won’t get damaged by the winter weather. Don’t forget to store away the garden hose as well, and shut off all valves and drain all the pipes to avoid irrevocable damage once the frost kicks in.

An inviting winter garden

Does your garden look dead and deserted every winter? It doesn’t have to be that way. Creating a beautiful and inviting winter garden isn’t all that difficult:


  • Birds make your garden come to life. Hang up a few fat balls and lay out some crumbs and fruit this winter to attract wrens, titmice and sparrows.
  • Not all plants hibernate. Plant winter-flowering plants across your garden to have it looking cheerful even on the bleakest and coldest days of the year.
  • Don’t let low outdoor temperatures keep you from enjoying your garden. A few cushions and a warm blanket instantly turn your terrace into a cosy spot for you to bask in the peace and quiet of winter. Evidently, a patio canopy with glass sliding panels and heating makes it even more delightful to enjoy the beauty of the winter season – without freezing cold feet!
  • One last tip: invite some friends over for a winter barbecue. We’re sure they’ll gladly oblige and cherish the memory for years to come …

Winter is coming, is your garden ready?

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