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Winter is coming … so what about your garden furniture?

winter garden furniture

Whether your garden furniture is made of plastic or wood, prepping it for winter is crucial. With rain torrents, a glaring sun and heavy winds coming their way, winter is the ideal time to give your outdoor tables and chairs a thorough cleaning and store them away safely. These tips are must-reads!

Cleaning and storing your garden furniture away for winter

Do you keep your garden furniture outside all year round? Then it’s bound to become dirty and possibly even greenish. As you won’t be using your outdoor lounge set in winter, why not seize the opportunity to give it some maintenance? Something which you have to do at least once a year anyway, we might add. The best way to go about it? That depends on the material your chairs and tables are made of.

Hardwood garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture requires more care than plastic furniture, but getting the job done isn’t really all that hard if you know what you’re doing. In just four steps, you’ll have your garden furniture looking brand-new again.

1. Spray the furniture with wood cleaning detergent and let it soak for a bit.
2. Give the surface a good scrub, always going with the grain.
3. If the mood strikes you, give your furniture a lick of oil or wood renewer.
4. Finally, give the wood a light rub-down using a cloth.

Plastic garden furniture

Plastic furniture is easy-peasy to maintain. Simply clean it with a bit of warm water mixed with a neutral all-purpose cleaner and you’re done. Be sure never to scrub down plastic chairs or tables if you want to avoid nasty scratches, though. Can’t seem to get rid of some stubborn stains? Then it’s off to the store to buy some special plastic cleaner.

Storing away garden furniture

Next up is storing your garden furniture in your garage, garden shed or cellar, or you can simply place it under your patio cover as long as it’s kept dry and out of the way.

Placing your garden furniture under your patio cover

Placed under a patio cover, your lounge set will last for years to come. What’s more, as the sun, wind and rain can’t get to it, you can get away with minimal maintenance. And the best of all? A patio cover allows you to spend precious time relaxing in your beautiful garden even in autumn and in winter. Fancy drinking your morning cup of coffee on the patio? Yes, please!

Do you dream of enjoying your garden under a patio cover in wintertime?

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