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Turn your garden into a relaxing retreat with a pool and lounge area

Turn your garden into a relaxing retreat

Gardens owe much of their popularity to their calming effect. They’re the perfect place to de-stress after a hard day’s work. Make yourself comfortable on that lounge chair and feel the tension in your shoulders flow away. What better place to relax than a pool with lounge area?

Nothing beats relaxing at home

Are you always busy, busy, busy? Is your schedule getting the better of you? Are you overloaded with responsibilities, both at work and at home? You’re not alone. More and more people are struggling to cope with stress and unrealistic expectations. Expected to be available all day and every day, we’re finding it nearly impossible to have a minute all to ourselves. 

It’s no wonder de-stressing has become the new trend. We all need time to catch our breath every once in a while, relaxing and truly enjoying life to the fullest. A spa weekend or a romantic getaway are perfect to escape the rat race, but there’s an even better solution closer to home: de-stressing in your own garden!

Keeping it cool with a pool in your garden 

Do you love the outdoor life and want to spend your summer relaxing to the max? A pool in your garden provides everything you need:

  • Hours and hours of fun for you and your children, with no TV or tablet in sight.
  • An outdoor pool is a must-have to stay cool on hot summer days.
  • Swimming is a healthy workout. Your muscles will thank you!
  • Being near water has a calming effect: get into that Zen state of mind. 
  • An outdoor pool or swimming pond adds a luxurious, elegant touch to your garden.

Don’t forget to include a lounge area

To get the most out of your outdoor pool – and to de-stress completely – installing cozy lounge furniture near your pool is simply indispensable. A lounge area is perfect for sunbathing, devouring book after book, entertaining friends with cocktails, ...

lounge area garden

Decorating an outdoor lounge is easy-peasy. Go for stylish furniture that matches your pool and garden. A modern garden requires minimalist design furniture, while a romantic landscape garden looks its best with an elegant, rustic seating area. Do you want to enjoy your pool and lounge seats no matter the time of day? A few parasols, a canopy or a pergola and heating elements will do the trick.

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