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Top-quality awning fabric is a must for your patio cover

top-quality awning fabric

While the colour and shape of a patio cover are usually the first things to attract the eye, the quality of the canvas or awning fabric is at least as important – if not more so. Before you hurry to a dealership, be sure you know all the features that set top-quality awning fabric apart. Read on to discover all you need to! 

Come rain or shine

Opting for a Renson patio cover means you never have to worry about the weather conditions. Both the structure and the canvas can handle gusts between 100 and 120 km/h, depending on the type of cover you pick. In other words, your beautiful Renson patio cover will remain standing even after a 12 Beaufort hurricane! 

Specialised tests have shown that Renson’s screen roofs and awning fabric are extremely wind-resistant regardless of their position, thanks to the patented Fixscreen technology and the ingenious zipper system.

The right awning fabric keeps your patio nice and cool 

Next to being able to take a beating, awning fabric must be UV-resistant to keep your patio from turning into a sauna on those hot summer days. Ideally, though, the awning is retractable, so you can still get your tan on whenever the mood strikes you.

Don’t forget about drainage

Your patio cover must have a completely water-resistant canvas, that’s a given. But don’t forget about drainage, either, unless you want your patio furniture to get soaked every time you close the awning after a rain shower. The Renson Lapure is equipped with a drainage system to direct the water to and through the columns on the side – even if the awning is half open.


Do you, too, want to enjoy your garden all year round thanks to a Renson patio cover?

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