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That’s why a town garden with patio cover is pure luxury

town garden with patio cover

Nicer than your neighbour’s? You bet. Because you consider your small garden to be an additional outside room. One that you want to use in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. An outside room that is fully dedicated to enjoyment and experiencing. A town garden in which smart investments are made.

5 smart investments that can give your small town garden a luxurious upgrade

1. 4 seasons of eye-catchers

You don’t have that much space in your garden, so be picky about the plants you use when designing it. Make sure they are ‘interesting’ throughout the year. Leaves that change colour in the autumn, flowering trees, fruits on the fig tree, an olive tree that remains stylish in all kinds of weather ... Green structures, tree trunks, branches and ornamental grasses always create atmosphere, even during the winter period. And fresh bulbous plants, which flower early, bringing life to your garden when the spring approaches. If you plant your greens smartly and in a well-thought-out way, you will have additional privacy in your own little paradise.

2. Art in the garden

Art in your home, art in your garden. Your town garden doesn’t need to be a park, if you want to put your own stamp on it through art. A work in stone, metal, wood, plexi, marble … abstract or very realistic: beauty is in the eye of its beholder. One thing is certain; the green canvas of your garden will ensure a beautiful setting in any case. What’s more, the constant interaction of weather, season, the colour nuances in your garden, the differing play of light … all this makes that your piece of art sets the stage for the rest of your wonderful town garden.

3. Invest in a patio canopy

The best investment for your town garden, however, is your investment in a patio canopy made of light-transmitting fabric or a screen roof that is resistant to sun, water and wind. Even if you only have a large terrace and hardly any garden at all, you can opt for a terrace covering fixed to your house. No matter what the weather, a terrace heater will keep you nicely warm and sheltered. And the value of your town house will immediately shoot up. That’s double enjoyment, isn’t it? Inspiration?

4. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer

If you do decide to invest in a patio canopy, go for one with slats. You tilt the canopy depending on the desired sunlight incidence, close the slats when it rains and, with some Renson models, such as the Camargue Skye, you can even open the slats all the way, so that you can see the open sky, the stars and the moon. Aperitifs under the starry sky…

5. Fire and flames

Integrate an outdoor fireplace in your town garden design. On summer evenings, the heat will take the midnight chill out of the air. During the intermediate seasons, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and seat yourself next to the fireplace with a large bowl of soup. The dancing flames bring additional magic in the winter.

Curious to explore your options even further? Be sure to browse our brochure and don’t hesitate to contact a dealer in your area.

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