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Should you opt for a patio cover or folding arm awning?

folding arm awning patio cover

Do you love basking in the sun on your patio, just not all day long (you know, for health reasons)? If so, installing some kind of sunscreen is a must. A folding arm awning, for example, which you can use to create shade whenever the mood strikes you. Then again, there’s also the option of a patio cover – which offers even more benefits. Let’s compare the two!

A traditional folding arm awning

When you’re thinking about installing a sunscreen, a traditional folding arm awning mounted against the wall is probably the first thing to spring to mind. When the sun gets too hot, you can simply open the awning using a remote control. Here’s a list of the other pros – and cons – of folding arm awnings:

The advantages:

  • There are no posts that can get in your way.
  • Folding arm awnings have a wide reach, creating plenty of shadow.
  • You can open and close an electric awning in a snap, thanks to the remote.

The disadvantages:

  • Because the awning is always visible, it can compromise the look of your façade.
  • Folding arm awnings are not resistant to strong winds or rain.
  • The fabric inevitably becomes dirty over time.

In short, a folding arm awning is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple type of sunscreen.

Get the most out of your outdoor space with a patio cover

Do you like to get really comfortable on your patio? That’s what patio covers are for. A patio cover is mounted against your façade and supported by poles. It does not only protect you from the sun, but also shelters you from wind and rain. What’s more, the Renson Lapure proves that patio covers can be both practical and very stylish.

The advantages of a patio cover

Whatever the weather, with a patio cover you can always enjoy your outdoor space. Not only is it resistant to winds with a speed of up to 100 km/h, it is also completely waterproof. The water ducts even perform when the roof is half open. In a linked formation, the Lapure covers patios of up to 18 meters wide and 5 meters deep. A patio cover can even make your home warm up less quickly, saving you the cost of expensive air conditioning.

A patio cover with a custom-made roof

Did you know Renson offers patio covers completely made-to-measure? You decide which type of construction best suits your home and can even choose the color of the fabric. Renson patio covers can suit any style: they make fine additions to modern homes, while the Classic Line editions look effortlessly beautiful teamed with traditional homes. In addition, each patio cover can be equipped with side structures, heating, lighting, speakers, ... you name it, enabling you to get the most out of your outdoor space anytime. So go ahead and organize that garden party, whatever the weather forecast says!

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