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The secret to a Scandinavian-style patio cover is in the details

Scandinavian style patio cover

Scandinavian style is more popular than ever. And rightly so, because the typically sleek design and use of natural materials are perfect to give your home a fresh look without appearing cold. And did you know you can even incorporate that stunning Scandinavian style into your garden? All it takes is a patio cover with the following features …

Bathing in a sea of light

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by a light colour palette and a spacious look and feel. Two elements which can easily be reflected in your patio cover. For example, you may want to consider a white structure with side panels that let in plenty of light, like translucent curtains or glass sliding walls. The great thing about glass sliding walls is that they have no profiles. Because they look so minimalist, they are every inch the Scandinavian style you’re after. What’s more, they provide an open view of your garden while still creating a cosy atmosphere. Not that you absolutely need side panels, though. A Lapure patio cover without side panels brings in plenty of light while still protecting you from the sun.

Made of natural materials

Natural materials such as wood are indispensable to Scandinavian design. Unfortunately, though, they tend to require a fair share of maintenance and are not always as sustainable as can be. Enter the Renson Camargue, Skye and Algarve; louvred canopies available with Wooddesign finishing. The Wooddesign louvres look exactly like real wood but are in fact made of aluminum, so your ‘wooden’ patio cover will never look worn down. You can even have your pick from three lovely wood prints: white oak, natural oak and walnut.

A Scandinavian style patio cover

Finally, Scandinavian style calls for sleek lines which you’ll find reflected in each Renson patio cover. You can even emphasize the sleekness of the design by adding horizontal Loggia sliding panels, creating a sliding door or sliding wall that looks simple yet elegant. You can also ‘fill in’ the aluminum frame with various materials, such as aluminum louvres or louvres made of WRCedar wood.

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