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Say ‘I do’ to the garden wedding of your dreams!

garden wedding

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect wedding for years now, chances are you’ve got the venue all figured out. A romantic castle, an idyllic beach, a rustic barn, ... But consider this for a change: why not have your wedding in your own garden? Your dream venue might be closer than you think!

Fairytale decorations

Having your wedding in the garden comes with many advantages. It’s free, for one, and you can have everything just the way you like it, adding all the fairytale decorations you want!

Don’t hesitate to go out and buy tons of romantic decorations to give your garden a festive look and make sure your wedding pictures will be to die for. Why not opt for

  • white or pink flowers,
  • Chinese lanterns in the trees,
  • a white wedding aisle runner,
  • a beautiful wedding arch,
  • a gazebo to get married under,
  • and vintage wooden signposts?

Tips for having the perfect garden wedding

Are you determined to celebrate your wedding with a fancy garden party? Be sure to add the following practical items to your checklist as well:

  • Music: provide a quality sound system – preferably manned by someone who knows a thing or two about it – or book a charming live band. Don’t forget to come up with a plan B as well in case technology lets you down or one of the musicians falls ill.
  • Blankets for when it gets chilly in the evening. It’s also a good idea to install heating in the party tent or near the reception tables.
  • Choose a type of catering that fits all weather conditions. An elegant barbecue with amuse-bouches and a selection of sophisticated salads, for example, tastes delicious on both hot and cold days.

Be prepared for all weather

When you’re having your wedding in the garden, the last thing you want is for your guests to get caught in the rain. Even when beautiful weather is forecast, it’s best to have a backup plan just in case. A lovely white tent, decorated with the same romantic decorations you used for your garden, is a perfect solution no matter what. Of course, you can always simply let your guests use your patio cover for shelter. Did you know your Renson patio cover can be as large as you wish?

Dreaming of a patio cover for those luxurious garden parties?

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