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RENSON’s Algarve louvred roof structure has been chosen as Architectural RECORD PRODUCT (US) in the category Outdoor & Recreational

RECORD PRODUCTS, the prestigious annual competition of Architectural Record (US), drew more than 500 entries ranging from building materials to finishes and furnishings. The most innovative and useful building products of the year are chosen by a panel of architects. The products are judged on rating different criteria—from innovation to aesthetics and usefulness. The modularity and the design of the Algarve convinced the jury to select this product in the category Outdoor & Recreational.




The Algarve is a roof system with extruded-aluminum blades that rotate up to 150º to control the amount of sunlight or ventilation; in closed position, they can shut out rain, funneling the water out via a gutter system. It is offered as a freestanding shelter with four corner posts, or integrated into existing structures.