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Put the extra into the ordinary: a luxurious terrace in just 4 steps

From an ordinary garden to a Luxurious terrace

A beautiful terrace really boosts the value of your property. And a perfectly decorated terrace means fun all year round. Precisely because you’re spending so much quality time outdoors, a little dash of luxury may be a necessity! Discover how to pimp your terrace in just four steps.

1. Design garden furniture

The look-and-feel of your terrace largely depends on your selection of garden furniture. No matter how sturdy and well-maintained your terrace covering may be, and no matter how breathtaking the view, it only takes a pair of white plastic garden chairs to completely ruin the experience. A stylish lounge set in tropical wood, aluminium, stainless steel or high-quality plastic are really worth the investment. They are the key to years and years of garden fun.

2. Heating – never too chilly for that late-night barbecue!

The best part of having a luxurious terrace is being able to enjoy it every time of the day, and every time of the year. Sipping a deliciously silky cappuccino in the morning sun? Grilling away with friends and family till the wee hours? Freezing to death on your terrace is clearly not an option! The solution: terrace heaters, an authentic terrace stove or a fire pit. 

3. Music maestro, please!

Your favorite tunes to liven up the atmosphere on your terrace? It only takes a set of waterproof outdoor speakers to add some magic to your outdoor experience! Surely enjoying music is not just for indoors. Do you have a Renson terrace covering? Then you’re in luck, because the design beams of Camargue, Algarve, Algarve Roof and Lagune allow you to subtly integrate an audio system. Sounds like music to your ears, right?

Integrated speakers in your terrace covering

4. A luxurious terrace: frame your outdoor experience

The proper covering ties your terrace together and puts the finishing touches to your favorite outdoor spot. A cover or a pergola frames your terrace – literally so – and provides some much-needed protection from the wind, the rain and the sun. Enjoying your terrace all year round? That’s perfectly possible!

decorate terrace

Tip: adapt the style of your terrace cover to that of your garden furniture. Modern furniture asks for a sleek design pergola, while more classic models like Algarve Classic Line or Lapure Classic Line are a better match for rustic furniture.