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A patio cover for your apartment? Why not!

patio cover apartment

A patio cover makes a nice addition to just about any type of home, apartments included. Finding the perfect patio cover for your apartment requires taking into account multiple factors, though. Read all about them here!

New versus renovated apartments

Installing a patio cover for a new apartment or upgrading an older apartment with a stylish new awning are two different things – which both have their advantages nonetheless. In the first case, you’re free to choose whatever you want and turn your patio cover into a subtle extension of your home. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a wide array of options to choose from when you’re renovating!

How to choose the best patio cover for your apartment

What to look for in a patio cover for your apartment? We’ve compiled a handy checklist:

  • Make sure your patio cover still lets in plenty of light so that your apartment doesn’t get too dark during the day. Install your patio cover near a large window and consider one that has louvres, allowing you to choose between sun and shade at all times. Another sure way to maximize fill your apartment with natural light are translucent blades.
  • Pick a patio cover made of a sturdy material, as apartments (especially those located on high floors) tend to catch a lot of wind. Please note that all Renson patio covers are designed to resist violent storms, so no worries there!
  • Ask yourself whether you prefer a canopy you can open and close whenever you want – think patio covers with screen fabric which you can easily roll up or down or louvred canopies – or whether a permanent construction is more up your street.
  • Your patio cover should be a real eye-catcher. In other words, be sure to pick one that fits nicely with the style of your apartment and the apartment building as a whole.

An extra room in its own right

Finally, adding side panels to your patio cover turns it into an outdoor space or veranda in its own right. Just think of all the extra space you’ll have! Not to mention the many lovely breakfasts, lunches and dinners you’ll enjoy on your patio during the summer.

Can’t wait to find the perfect patio cover for your apartment?

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