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Optimal outdoor comfort for every rooftop terrace or penthouse

Patio cover on a rooftop terrace

A terrace covering is not only perfect for large gardens or immense terraces next to a swimming pool; they’ve also proven their added value on a rooftop terrace or built onto a penthouse. A pergola allows you to create an additional outdoor room, which you can enjoy all year long, in a limited amount of space. If you want to install a pergola at great height, you have to take some important aspects into consideration. We summarised the most important ones below.

The wind-resistance and durability of terrace coverings are of critical importance for rooftop terraces and penthouses; after all, at that height, these are subjected to strong winds and other weather conditions than those at ground level. That’s why Renson took its terrace coverings to Florida’s most hurricane-sensitive coastal areas, where the Camargue withstood every test with flying colours and obtained the ‘Miami Dade’ certificate. Concretely, this means that the patio covers of Renson can handle wind gusts of 320 km/h. The reinforced mounting bases also help increasing the wind-resistance for terrace coverings which are installed higher as usual.

Windproof screens are an especially interesting option for the sides of a rooftop terrace to offer protection under your terrace covering from the wind that often rages at those heights. Thanks to a wind-resistance of up to 60 km/hr, the Renson screens are more than suited for use high atop a building. An optional wind sensor closes the roof blades and pulls back the screens to prevent them from damage when the wind blows strongly.

The Algarve, Camargue, and Camargue Skye terrace coverings with adjustable (and even sliding, in the case of the Skye) bladed roofs are suitable for these uses, as are the Renson terrace coverings with screen roofs (Lapure).

All of the listed terrace coverings can also be paired perfectly with one another to enclose an entire terrace. Plus, since they can be customised, they work great in any project.

Thanks to the new Algarve Canvas, a part of a rooftop terrace can even be covered by a fixed roof while the other part is covered by a bladed roof.

You can carry the consistent look & feel of the apartment (colour of the cabinetry) through to the terrace thanks to the fact that the terrace coverings are available in every RAL colour.

Numerous options, such as a heat & sound beam, sliding glass panels, screens, LED lighting, glass blades in the roof, etc., mean that you can use the terrace covering to create a luxurious outdoor space with every comfort in it.

Without a doubt, it was that magnificent view that won you over when you bought your apartment or penthouse. With a Renson patio cover you can now enjoy it even more.

Curious to explore your options even further? Be sure to browse our brochure and don’t hesitate to contact a dealer in your area.

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