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New Year’s reception in your garden: entertain your guests in style

new year’s reception garden

Hosting a New Year’s reception is no mean feat. To make sure your guests have the time of their lives, you need a lot of planning and organising skills. And that’s not all, because you obviously don’t want to throw a party that’s merely average. Our tip for 2017? A New Year’s reception in your garden!

Getting ready

A good beginning is half the battle. Here’s how to prepare for a proper Christmas party or New Year’s reception in your own garden:


  • Clean your patio and make sure the floor is completely dry, so your guests don’t go slipping and sliding.
  • Rent stylish patio heaters so everyone stays nice and warm.
  • Rent reception tables with fancy covers to take your outdoor New Year’s reception to the next level.

New Years in your own garden


New Year’s reception in the garden

How do you go about organising a New Year’s reception in your garden? What do you offer your guests? And how do you make sure the day or evening becomes truly unforgettable? A few tips!


  • Serve hot appetizers instead of cold ones. Do you want your appetizers to stand out? Finish them on the barbecue!
  • No winter garden party is complete without hot drinks. There are plenty of non-alcoholic options: soup, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, … Need an extra something to cheer you up? Then mulled wine is the way to go.
  • Are your guests shivering in their seats? Then it’s time to distribute blankets! Fleece blankets are not only warm, but also super cosy.
  • Your garden may be pretty during the day, but it’s at its best in the evening, when it gets dark and your beautiful Christmas lighting comes to life. Or how about some scented tea lights or – why not? – glow-in-the-dark bracelets for your guests?
  • Don’t forget about the music! Get in the mood with U2’s ‘New Year’s Day’ or Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘The New Year’, or go for dance-themed songs to get your guests shaking and grooving.


Tips for the perfect New Year’s reception

Two more tips to make absolutely sure your New Year’s reception stands out:

  • Your invitation should specify that it’s an outdoor event. How’s “a heart-warming garden reception” for a title? “All you have to do is dress warmly; we’ll take care of your inner self (read: yummy hot drinks and bites)” will definitely get the message across!
  • Consider a plan B. Keep in mind that you’re always at the mercy of the weather gods and you can never now if they’re in a good mood or not… When it’s wet, cold or windy, you can move your New Year’s reception to a cosy indoor space or a garden room that you can close off. The Renson Camargue louvered roof is very easy to heat, making it your perfect companion for an unforgettable outdoor reception.

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