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Make everyone fall in love with your outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your patio is the perfect means to bring the indoors outdoors (and vice versa). An outdoor fireplace instantly makes your patio look and feel extra warm and cosy – perfect for kicking back at the end of the work day.

Is that a fireplace in the garden?

Having a fireplace in the living room is nothing out of the ordinary, but an outdoor fireplace? Now that’s something else! Adding one to your patio is a sure way to take your garden area to a whole new level. An outdoor fireplace pulls all kind of natural elements together, creating a zen-like atmosphere. It makes your patio the perfect place to catch up with friends and family, and to finish – or start – your day in absolute peace.

An extra living room

All it takes to turn your patio cover into an extra living room is adding the right finishing touches. Panels that keep out the wind and rain enable you to relax outdoors in all comfort during the winter. And when summer comes around, all you have to do is simply slide the panels aside.

Why not upgrade your Camargue louvered canopy with:

Top things off with built-in LED lighting and an integrated audio system, and your patio cover becomes a luxurious garden room everyone will instantly fall in love with.

Get inspired

Can’t wait to feast your eyes on the amazing effect an outdoor fireplace can have on a garden room? Interior architect Kurt Demeulemeester is more than happy to show you. He opted for a Camargue louvered canopy which he upgraded with sturdy side panels and one very elegant fireplace. Watch the video.

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