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Maintenance tips: how to make your patio (cover) winter-proof

patio maintenance winter

The winter season can be rough on your patio. Below-zero temperatures don’t do your patio tiles any good, not to mention the detrimental effect winter rain can have on your patio furniture. If you want to be sure your patio will still look stunning when summer comes along, now is the time to make it winter-proof. Which, fortunately, doesn’t have to be difficult.

Maintain your patio throughout the year

Regularly cleaning your patio throughout the year saves you a lot of hassle at the start of the winter season. A monthly rinse works wonders! Be sure to include the following tasks on your to-do list:

Remove dirt and leaves from your patio before the tiles get slippery and algae start to form.

Sweep your patio before using cleaning detergent on the tiles or deck. Always read the instructions carefully.

Stain or varnish the deck regularly to keep it from weathering.

Give the patio tiles a thorough scrub

Cold and humidity can cause your patio to discolour and become overgrown with moss. In addition, the tiles can become dangerously slippery. But whatever you do, don’t use a pressure washer. Just stick to your brush and cleaning detergent instead. Simply give the tiles a thorough scrub and you’re all set.

Don’t forget about your patio cover

You’re on a roll! The next step is cleaning your patio cover. Patio covers tend to be real eyecatchers, so you have every reason to make yours shine. Regularly maintain your patio cover using the Renson Maintenance Kit to protect it against all weather conditions. The Renson Maintenance Kit removes dirt instantly without affecting the paint, so your patio’s colours will remain gorgeous.

Opt for a patio that requires little maintenance

Are you in the market for a new patio? Be sure to opt for durable materials that require as little maintenance as possible. Deck boards made of recycled plastic, for example, only need cleaning about once a year.

Dreaming of a patio that looks stylish all year round? Get inspired by Renson’s wide offer of unique patio covers.

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