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Magical moments in the garden with the right outdoor lighting

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Outdoor lighting makes all the difference when it comes to creating magical moments in the garden – be it on summer evenings, rainy autumn afternoons or lovely spring nights. But which garden or patio lights to choose? Don’t worry: with these three pointers, you simply can’t go wrong.

Tip 1: little things make a big difference

It’s obviously perfectly possible to pimp your garden with a flood light that would not be out of place in a football stadium, but that’s not exactly our idea of cosy… If you want to add a magical touch and a holiday vibe to your garden, you should go for a lot of little lights. And there are many ways to make the most of these:

  • Dress up a few trees or your pergola with a light garland – a small touch that immediately takes you back to summer festivals, garden parties or authentic funfairs. Nostalgia at its best!
  • Ground lights lining the garden path or the patio are not only atmospheric, but also very convenient. Even when the sun goes down, they add some structure to your garden.
  • Finally: Christmas lights are the one thing you simply cannot do without in the holiday season!

Tip 2: warm outdoor lighting is key

Cold, blueish lights are an instant mood killer. Like your interior, your exterior really comes to life with warm lighting. This makes perfect sense, as we tend to associate warm lights with all the good things in life, like the evening sun or a warm fireside. Are cold colours an absolute no-go then? Not really, but if you use them, use them as accent lighting in well-chosen areas.

Tip 3: go for led lights

When deciding on your outdoor lighting, you should not lose sight of the technical details either. All the experts agree that led lights are by far the best choice. Led lights use up to ten times less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs, and three times less than energy-saving bulbs. Because most people tend to keep their garden lights on for hours at a time, energy-efficient solutions are definitely the smartest choice.

Fortunately, garden and patio led lights are no longer synonymous with a ‘cool’ look: they come in all sorts of warm shades that will instantly lift your mood. And how about adapting the colour of your outdoor lighting to your garden furniture? That’s perfectly possible thanks to the rgb technology. A Renson patio cover and led lights are a match made in heaven. Simply go to our website and discover for yourself how you can subtly integrate lighting and even heating elements into your patio cover.

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