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Life’s a (garden) party if your patio cover has a built-in sound system

patio cover sound system

Organising a garden party is a breeze if you have a patio cover. The show will go on no matter the weather, and there are plenty of accessories you can choose from to make your patio cover party-proof! For example, how about installing a built-in sound system?

Get practical with your sound system

All Renson patio covers come with optional built-in speakers. They’re one of those luxurious little extras in life, and practical to boot. You’ll never have to worry about guests tripping over wires or your Wi-Fi connection breaking down anymore, as both built-in loudspeakers are connected to audio cables which are invisibly integrated into the design of your patio cover. You can even opt for an additional Bluetooth-enabled amplifier which you can simply control using your smartphone.

The right mood for every occasion

Not sure you’ll be using your sound system all year round? You’d be surprised! Next to garden parties, there are numerous occasions you can use them for. For example …

  • Enjoy your morning cup of coffee with a dash of jazz.
  • Having friends over in the evening? That’s what lounge music is for!
  • Your child’s birthday party and play dates become all the more fun with some children’s songs.
  • Celebrating Christmas once a year gets even better when those bells jingle all the way!
  • Who doesn’t love spending the afternoon sunbathing on the patio with a cheerful summer tune playing in the background?

Party under the patio cover!

And that’s not all you can do to party-proof your garden. How about these cool ideas?

  • Install mood lighting: LED lights in the trees, candles on the table and integrated LED lighting for your patio cover.
  • Provide heating: thanks to a cosy fire pit or a patio cover with built-in heating, your guests can party hardy until the early hours.
  • Add some colorful accents: party flags, creative table decorations and flowers never fail!
  • Opt for a party theme: fiesta Mexicana, The Great Gatsby, a sixties party, … Everything’s possible.

Fancy a patio cover with built-in speakers?

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