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Just how windproof can a patio cover be?

windproof patio cover

Do you sometimes worry about your patio cover getting damaged by storm or heavy rain? And then go check just to make sure it’s still there? There’s no need to if your patio cover is a Renson. All Renson patio covers are specially made to withstand violent storms. Read all about it here!

When a breeze turns into a storm

Storms start at wind force 9 on the Beaufort scale, with wind gusts reaching a mean speed between 75 and 88 kilometres per hour. A storm usually comes with heavy to very severe gusts of more than 100 kilometres per hour. It’s fairly extreme weather conditions like this you’ll never have to worry about if you’ve picked the right patio cover.

Who cares about a bit of heavy rain?

Renson patio roofs handle heavy torrents with the greatest of ease. The Camargue, for example, is designed to deal with rain showers of 144 millimetres per hour that last for at least seven minutes. Heavy rain like that occurs every two years on average.

The Algarve even resists torrents of up to 180 millimetres per hour, which only occur every ten years.

Is your patio cover windproof?

Heavy gusts of wind are no threat to a Renson patio cover. The Algarve can handle winds of up to 120 kilometres per hour, the Camargue gusts of up to 160 kilometres  per hour with the louvres closed. Discover how wind-resistant a Renson patio cover really is.

Renson: tested for quality

At Renson we continuously optimise our products for comfort and maximum durability. Our patio covers are always tested for weather resistance.

Do you want to play it safe by opting for a Renson patio cover?

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