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How to have breakfast on the patio without freezing

breakfast on the patio

There’s no better way to start the day than basking in the morning sun while enjoying the view of your beautiful garden. Having breakfast on the patio is, in other words, always worth your while. Provided you’re comfortable, that is. Discover our tips for creating the perfect breakfast setting!  

Breakfast outdoors? Always a great idea 

Choosing can be stressful. That’s why our lives are filled with daily routines like eating at the same time, sitting on the same chair and having breakfast cereal just about every morning. 

Still, there’s no reason not to change things up every once in a while. Why not watch the sun come up while having breakfast on the patio, for instance? It’s always a great idea, even if it’s not 30 degrees outside … 

The best way to have breakfast on the patio 

Can you really have breakfast on the patio without freezing your bum off and spilling coffee everywhere because your hands are shaking cold, you ask? Why yes, you can. 

How to create a pleasant breakfast setting no matter the season? 

  • Don’t let rain and morning dew get to your garden furniture. Cover it up or place it under an awning or patio cover. 
  • Keep some soft cushions stored in a chest or a crate and take them out in the morning to get extra cosy. 
  • Always place a tablecloth or placemats on the table so that your arms don’t have to touch the cold surface. 
  • Consider using terrace heating. 
  • Invest in a patio cover that can be closed off. Summer or winter, you’ll always be comfortable when having breakfast outside. 

Do you never seem to have the time to eat out during the week? Then why not organize a cosy breakfast or brunch on your patio on the weekend? Invite some family or friends over and serve a rich buffet with all the works. It’ll be just like having a fancy dinner on a chic terrace in the city, but with a much greener view!   

Browse the Renson brochure to get inspired and start dreaming of your own outdoor breakfast paradise! 

Browse the Renson brochure