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How to decorate a garden where everyone feels right at home

tips for decorating your garden

Preparing your signature snacks, folding the perfect napkins, lighting candles, putting together the ultimate playlist, ... Don’t you just L-O-V-E hosting a good party? So do we! If you’re looking for ideas to decorate your garden in such a way that it makes all your friends and family feel right at home, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to get inspired!

Lighting the path to party success

Your guests are having a great time chatting the evening away, and … Hey, what happened to the sun? When you’re hosting a party that’s likely to continue after dark, make sure your garden is well-lit. A romantic light garland is an easy means to set the right mood, but don’t forget to illuminate your (main) garden paths as well to keep your guests from tripping.

Kicking back under the patio cover 

If there’s one thing no garden party guest can resist, it’s a cosily decorated patio cover. Next to offering a lovely view of your garden, a decent patio cover shelters everyone from the wind and rain – so there’s never any need to rush back inside when it starts to pour. You can complement your Renson patio cover with all kinds of extras to make it even more comfortable and inviting. By opting for integrated LED lighting, heating and side walls, for example, you make sure your guests can party hardy in the garden all year round.

Tip: a patio cover with built-in speakers turns even the simplest get-together into an unforgettable party at the touch of a button.

A touch of luxury

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of luxury from time to time, right? Don’t hesitate to complete your patio cover with an outdoor fireplace and install a self-serve minibar filled to the brim with frosty drinks for your guests. The latter is especially convenient when you’re entertaining from under a free-standing patio cover that’s not adjacent to the kitchen.

Plants and flowers – in the right place!

It goes without saying that a garden without (hardy) plants and flowers can never look cheerful. However, spare your guests from wasp attacks and mosquito bites as much as possible by making sure not to plant things too close to your patio area. 

Decorate your garden for children, too

Your friends and family will be happy to know there’s a play area for their children, too, so let your imagination run wild! Just make sure to keep it safe and easy for parents to keep an eye on things at all times.  


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