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How to control the sunlight coming into your home? With a patio cover!

keep house cool

Everybody loves a room that bathes in daylight, but there are also times when the sunlight coming into our homes is simply too bright. Few things are lovelier than watching the autumn sun rising when you’re having breakfast on Sundays, but a low standing sun peeking in is something else entirely when you’re trying to read a book or watch TV. Fortunately, that’s where your patio cover with sun-controlling feature comes in …

Here comes the sun

The amount of sunlight we prefer coming into our homes depends from season to season. In summer, we want to keep the sun out as much as possible to enjoy a cool indoor climate, whereas in winter we’re almost desperate for some warm sunrays sneaking through the windows. A patio cover or louvered canopy sure comes in handy then, allowing you to control the amount of sunlight coming into your home just as you please. 

A patio cover with sun-controlling feature 

Being able to keep the sun out – or let it in – is a must for comfortable living, but not every solution is equally well suited. Curtains and blinds, for instance, may keep out the light but still let the heat in. A louvered canopy, however, stops UV rays from heating up your home.

Catching two birds with one stone

A patio cover with sun-controlling feature allows you to catch two birds with one stone:

  • You get to have lunch while basking in the sun on your very own patio. Or while it rains, breathing in all the fresh air your garden has to offer – without getting wet.  
  • Thanks to a patio with sun-controlling solution, you can control the amount of sunlight coming into your home all year round. Easy-breezy!


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