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How to choose between a horizontal or an inclined patio cover?

horizontal versus inclined patio cover

In the market for a patio cover? Great! Hang on for a second, though, because purchasing a patio cover is not something to do overnight. First of all, you have to decide whether to opt for a horizontal design or an inclined patio cover. Having trouble choosing? This article compares both types, enabling you to make a well-informed decision. 

Inclined patio covers

Picking between an inclined patio cover and a horizontal design is mostly a matter of personal taste. Keep in mind, however, that inclined patio covers must be mounted to a wall. That said, you can simply open up the entire roof whenever you’re in the mood for some sunbathing. If the sun gets too much or if it starts to train, you can close the Fixscreen roof just as easily without your patio furniture getting wet (thanks to the water ducts which are hidden in the structure). 

Even if your patio is rather large, you can still opt for an inclined patio cover easy-breezy. The Renson Lagune, for instance, is available in various sizes up to 12 meters wide and 6.2 meters deep. Like what you see? Be sure to have a look at the Lapure as well. Good to know: you can install up to three Lapures next to each other. That way your patio cover becomes a whopping 18 meters wide!

Or how about a sleek, horizontal design?

With its horizontal lines, the Algarve Canvas makes for an ideal carport. The fixed roof consists of two sturdy layers: an upper roof made of a lacquered, profiled steel sheet with an anti-condensation coating, and an aesthetic lower roof finished with a stretched canvas that includes zipper technology. Know that Renson also offers horizontal louvred canopies, which you can close to stay sheltered even during heavy storms. The patented slats are specially designed to divert rainwater to the sides of the structure, so you’ll never get wet when you open them again after a rain shower. 

Arguably the biggest advantage of a square design patio cover is that you don’t necessarily have to mount it to a wall. If a free-standing patio cover is what you really want, in other words, opting for a square design is your best choice. By the way, if you’re a fan of all things sleek and minimalist you will not be able to resist the Camargue Line either. You can even have it customised so that it suits your preferences perfectly. 


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