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How about installing a sheltered gazebo in your garden?

instal windproof gazebo

There’s something incredibly romantic about gardens with a gazebo. It’s one of those things that have ‘relaxation’ written all over them, and you get to enjoy an amazing view of the garden to boot. Do you dream of installing a gazebo, but are you not sure you’ll get much use out of it? No worries. A sheltered gazebo can be just as practical as it is romantic.

Enjoying your garden to the fullest

A gazebo is the ideal space for sipping your morning cup of tea, chatting with friends in the evening, or simply enjoying a lovely view of your garden whenever you feel like it. The difference with a patio? A gazebo is always covered, and a freestanding structure. That means you can literally take a step back from your kitchen, your household, your PC, … and relax to the max amidst the greenery.

The benefits of a sheltered gazebo

A traditional gazebo is open on all sides. Which is great if your home is located in a tropical region, but less ideal if windy and rainy days are the rule rather than the exception. Fortunately, there’s always the option of a sheltered gazebo, which you can make entirely windproof. A sheltered gazebo allows you to spend plenty of time enjoying your garden even in the winter months or on windy autumn days without worrying you’ll get wet. And you can just leave your garden furniture, pillows, board games, … outside when you decide it’s time for bed. What’s more, you can even decorate your sheltered gazebo as an extra room. It can serve as reception area for guests, a playroom for the children, a hobby room for you or your partner, ...

Surprisingly modern

By the way, gazebos don’t necessarily have to look like they belong in an English garden and were picked out by Jane Austen herself. There are plenty of modern gazebos to choose from. Is it a sleek looking aluminum gazebo with glass side structures you’re after? Renson is your place to be.

Can’t wait to install your very own gazebo or garden room?

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