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Here comes the sun! 4 steps to get your garden ready for summer

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With summer right around the corner, now is the time to dust off those loungers and enjoy your garden to the fullest. Follow our four-step plan to make your garden summer-proof in a flash! Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing under your squeaky-clean patio cover with a page-turner under your nose and a refreshing glass of white wine in your hand.  


Forget herbicide. All you need to get rid of weeds is a weed burner or some water with a dash of vinegar. Tip: invest in an electric weed burner. While slightly more expensive, electric weed burners are a great alternative if you prefer not to use gas bottles or vinegar. 

Get the fertilizer out 

If you have your heart set on a bright green lawn, regularly fertilizing it throughout the year (except during the winter) is a must. March and June are the best moments to fertilize your lawn in the spring. To prevent dry spots, it’s best to only turn on the sprinklers in the morning and in the evening – but not every day. Watering the lawn once a week usually suffices. Is the weather exceptionally dry? Be sure not to cut the grass any shorter than four centimeters (but don’t let it grow much taller either) for the greenest results. 

Clean your patio cover 

Give your aluminium patio cover a thorough cleaning using the Renson Maintenance Kit to make it look brand-new again. Dirt will vanish like snow under the sun while the lacquer receives an extra protective film, so that even the most intense UV rays won’t affect the color.  

Get your garden ready for summer with the right accessories  

New cushions for your lounge set, some lovely flower boxes, a nice table (for all those summer cocktails), a couple of soft blankets so you can relax  around the outdoor fireplace with friends until the early hours ... There’s no better excuse than the beginning of summer to go out and buy new accessories to spruce up your garden!  

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