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Here’s how to take your designer home and garden to a higher level!

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Designing a modern home is child’s play these days. Creating a stunning designer home with a garden to match, however, is an art. It all starts with the following basic principles …

Modern yet warm

The time when designer interiors were defined by cool colour palettes and cold materials is long behind us. Today’s interior design trends are all about natural and durable materials like stone tiles and wood. Materials which not only last a lifetime, but also become more beautiful as they age. Why not, then, combine a sleek concrete floor with an extra-long table made of the finest wood? On a similar note, a louvered canopy like Renson’s Camargue enables you to effortlessly mix the warm look of wood with aluminium on your patio as well.

A garden design that plays with water and fire

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying your designer home and garden while surrounded with natural elements. Consider installing a minimalist built-in fire on your patio – pure luxury and a must-have for entertaining in the evenings. Or how about a lovely fire stove and an eye-catching water feature in the garden? Both key elements for creating that Zen feeling ...

Blur the boundaries between your designer home and garden

Blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors is all the rage right now. You can easily achieve the effect yourself by opting for tropical plants, by using the same stone tiles inside and outside, and by installing a minimalist patio cover. The cover creates a whole new space for you to relax in your garden no matter the weather, where you can share a drink with friends, sip your morning coffee, read a good book in the evening … all while enjoying a wonderful view of your garden.

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