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A green patio the whole year round? Choose hardy plants

hardy patio plants

The temperature drops, the days get shorter and darker. Is your immediate reaction: "Of course, winter is coming"? Sure, it is. But winter can also feel very cosy. You make your home all warm and snug and spend more time with friends and family. And yes, you can also decorate your patio nicely, but this definitely requires more greenery.

Enjoy your patio, also in the winter months

On a hot summer day, you can be sure that someone will ask: "Shall we sit outside?" But in the other seasons, too, you can enjoy memorable moments sitting outside on the patio and sharing a drink with family and friends. Think of the environment you would need to sit at a restaurant or café terrace in the autumn, winter or spring, and create the same conditions at home. It should be dry, ideally with a ray of sunshine, and your fingers should not go numb of course. A roof over your patio makes sure you stay dry and warm. Especially if you add a patio heater and sliding panels to enclose it. Naturally, you can always wrap yourself in a snug fleece blanket and enjoy the healthy fresh air.

Indestructible patio plants

Creating a dry and warm space to sit in is one thing, but your winter patio should also have a pleasant feel. Bring in colourful plants, as they immediately liven up a space. For that green touch, use these hardy plants which will last winter after winter:

• Box (Buxus)

• Hydrangeas

• Lavender

• Ornamental grasses

• Conifers, such as juniper bushes

Colourful plants that are also winter hardy

Finally, complement those evergreens with some winter-hardy blooms to get a beautiful blend of leafy green and flowers:

• Witch hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia): yellow flowers in January or February

• Winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima): white flowers from January to April

• Hellebore (Helleborus orientalis): white, pinkish white, pink, Burgundy red, purple, orange or yellow flowers from January to April

• Pieris (Pieris japonica): white, pink or red urn-shaped flowers from March or April

• Skimmia (Skimmia japonica): white flowers from March to May

Consider planting these plants in a frost-proof pot, in terracotta for example. Both witch hazel and winter honeysuckle will thrive in a large pot.

Brighten up your patio to make sure you can enjoy it also in the winter months?

Don't forget your patio roof!