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Glass sliding walls take your patio cover to the next level

glass sliding walls for your patio cover

We all love a home with large windows that make the room look bigger and let in plenty of sunlight, right? Then why not add them to your patio cover! There’s nothing quite like a patio cover with glass walls to get the most out of your outdoor space all year round.

Retractable glass walls for patio covers

When it comes to customising your patio cover, Renson offers plenty of possibilities, including retractable glass walls to shelter you from the rain and the wind – or let in fresh air if needed. You can open or close the glass sliding panels whenever you want, or simply leave them half open.

Tip: combine your glass sliding panels with a vertical sunscreen to keep the temperature on your patio from skyrocketing – and to avoid unwanted gazes from nosy neighbours. If you want, you can even have the sliding panels fitted with a lock for extra protection.

Enjoy your garden to the fullest

Do you take pride in your beautifully landscaped garden? Are you blessed with a stunning view? Or do you simply like to sit around and watch the birds explore your little piece of paradise? Thanks to a canopy with glass walls, you get to enjoy all that and more! And don’t you agree a glass patio cover looks so much more elegant than one that’s completely made of heavy materials?

A cleverly designed patio cover

A Renson patio cover with glass walls is a fine example of the amazing things design can achieve. The glass panels come with a built-in drain and you can effortlessly detach them for easy cleaning. What’s more, they slide both ways, which makes them all the more practical.

Glass sliding walls are currently available for the Camargue Line, Toscane and Lagune.

Dreaming of your very own elegant Renson patio cover?

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