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Garden trends: the focus is on outdoor living in comfort

garden trends outdoor living

Of course your garden must look beautiful, but in 2017 the garden trends go much further than just aesthetic considerations. One trend in garden design is crystal clear to all trend watchers: comfort, health and sustainability take precedence at all times. What does that mean exactly? Read about it here.

Design gardens in 2017

We previously talked about the garden trends in modern gardens and remarked that nowadays design gardens need three features:

  • The plants must be organic. They are playful, natural, airy. Forget about straight hedges in geometric patterns: design gardens in 2017 have mainly round shapes.
  • Warm, natural materials make your modern garden a cosy place to relax.
  • Differences in height – however small – create a striking play on shadows and ensure a visual separation between the different zones.

Design gardens 2017

(Source: Royal Botania)

Garden trends for game birds

2017 brings trends that get back to the core of the issue. After all, what is a garden? Is it not above all a place for uninterrupted pleasure? Romping in the grass with the children, gardening with a dash of natural music on the background, or making the most of the last of the evening sun with a smoothie in the hand: that is the purpose of your garden!

And that is what we have picked up from the garden trends of 2017. The garden as a leisure paradise for children and adults. Imagine, for example, alternative lawns with wild grasses and moss, where you can freely frolic. Or a petanque area for you and your guests, and an original sandbox for the little ones.

Visually, this trend translates into eclectic gardens. Old and new stand shamelessly – proudly even! - next to each other. Robust climbing trees parade harmoniously next to delicate flower beds. As long as it is fun.

Design gardens 2017

Comfort, health and sustainability

The ideal garden looks well-cared for but also a little wild. It requires little maintenance, but is not sterile. It is especially healthy and natural, full of native plants and animal-friendly corners. That way we make the garden a delightful place to spend time again. All for yourself, or to share with friends and family.

Are weather conditions temporarily less favourable? On a rainy summer day or during other seasons, you can still enjoy outdoor life. For example, a terrace cover is an elegant solution to do more for less. Close the roof and the sliding panels, and voila, your terrace is an extra living space. ‘A room with a view’, let’s say!

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