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Garden trends: design and minimalism meet in modern gardens

A beautifully designed house – a cube-shaped house with a green roof or a handsome seventies bungalow – simply can’t do without a statement garden. But designing a minimalist garden doesn’t mean you can put in a minimum of effort. To help you out, we offer some expert tips, based on the latest trends in gardening.

Organic-yet-modern: gardens you’ll fall in love with

Close your eyes and picture your typical modern garden… Are you seeing rows and rows of neatly trimmed hedges and lots of ornamental grasses – a little wild, but not quite out of control? Think again! A contemporary garden comes in all styles. Take, for example, organic gardens, which are very much on the rise. An organic garden is characterised by plant beds in natural shapes, and flowers that look lively and original. Bye bye rigid simplicity, enter playful minimalism.

organic landscaping

(Source: Royal Botania)

Warm materials – and ditto lights

One of the pitfalls of designing a modern garden is ending up with a sterile, lifeless and characterless patch of green. Concrete and steel – two modern materials par excellence – can come across as cold and clinical when used for landscaping purposes, which spoils the fun for everyone who turns to their garden for cosiness and warmth.

How to walk the tightrope? Complement your modern evergreens with warm and natural materials like wood, and add playful touches such as coloured concrete, multicolour brick walls or design furniture.

Are you looking to brighten up those shady corners of your garden? Garden lights will definitely do the trick, but do keep in mind that warm atmosphere you’re aiming for. Cold, blueish LED lights are an absolute mood killer; go for subtle lamps that glow a warm yellow colour instead.

warm garden lights

(Source: Royal Botania)

An interplay of light and shadow

The interplay of light and shadow is another top trend in modern gardens. Many young and modern gardens flaunt their straight lines and create a feeling of spaciousness, but they tend to be uniform in height. Yet towering trees, pergolas and terrace coverings have a lot to offer, livening things up and adding a little edge to your garden view. What’s more: they subdivide your yard and hide those ugly trash cans or compost piles. Small wonder that these playful extras are starting to make their way into contemporary gardens.

If you’re not into dramatic eye-catchers, small differences in height are probably more up your alley. Add a little wall around your plant beds, or visually separate your patio from your garden.

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