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A garden room that’s warm and dry in the fall? You’re not dreaming

A garden room that's warm and dry

Do you love spending time in the garden? Then June to September is probably your favourite time of the year. Why not try and extend that lovely period? Thanks to your very own garden room you can enjoy some family time and me time in your garden even in the fall.

Outdoor living: not just for summer days!

There’s magic in every season, so there’s no need to get grumpy when autumn is at your doorstep. Deciduous trees dress up in the most beautiful colours from September till November, turning nature and your garden into works of art. And autumn has even more up its sleeve, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, warm daylight and mild temperatures that lure you into taking an evening stroll or having an after-work drink on the patio.

High and dry in the ‘Camargue’ garden room

However, let’s not get carried away: autumn is pretty, but fickle. And chilly draughts and rain showers aren’t exactly the most inviting outdoor conditions. Fortunately, there are many ways to accommodate this problem, like a garden room.

The name of the room is self-explanatory: a garden room is an area in your garden that you can easily close off when the weather turns bad, while not completely separating you from your environment. Most garden rooms begin their lives as patio covers. Take the Renson Camargue: in the summertime, this stylish louvered canopy shelters you from the sun. When the leaves start to fall, you simply close the louvres of the canopy to create a waterproof roof. By adding moveable walls to the sides of the Camargue, you’ll be out of the wind as well.

Garden room cosiness and comfort

Perhaps contrary to expectations, bringing a garden room up to temperature is easy-peasy. The design of Camargue, Algarve, Algarve Roof and Lagune allow you to subtly integrate heating elements that distribute the heat evenly across the room. You’ll love them all the more for being practically invisible!

And that’s not the only touch of comfort you can add to your garden room. With the right lights, speakers and lounge furniture, you can easily convert your patio into an extra living room. Get ready for afternoon tea with a view…

Tip: why not make a garden office in your garden room?




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