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Designing your dream patio: it all starts with inspiration…

patio design inspiration

Make no mistake: the patio is not the easiest part of your garden design. You probably spend the most time on your patio and are certain to receive friends and family there. What’s more, it must be conveniently located and have the correct orientation. Not to mention the style.

Turning your patio into a success story? It all starts with a generous portion of inspiration.

Magazines are your best friend – also online!

Unless you are blessed with divine inspiration, you will first have to look in all sorts of places for inspiration for your new patio. Home and garden magazines still form one of the better options for finding ideas. Leaf through them, cut out the prettiest images and collect them in a scrapbook or on a mood board.

It’s just as easy to do it online. There are plenty of home and decorating magazines that publish new articles every day. Simply save the most inspiring photos on a virtual mood board. Pinterest in particular, is extremely handy for collecting ideas from across the web on multiple virtual boards.

Visit patios

Tip 2: visit patios. Drop in on friends and family and study their patios. What are the strong points, what don’t you like, what would you do differently? Don’t be afraid to ask acquaintances what they think is great about their patio: often that’s how you learn the most.

Garden designers are also a good source of garden inspiration. Ask for references before you commit to a garden designer, so that you can compare recent garden designs with each other and get a better picture of what is possible in 2017. You will be amazed by how many individuals are proud to show you their successful garden and patio!

patio design inspiration

Inspiration for your patio from Renson Outdoor

We at Renson make unique patio covers and pergolas, ideal for making your patio even more comfortable. To help you along, we have created an online inspiration page. Or request your free inspiration brochure and let your creativity run free!

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