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Cosy and comfy: 3 garden seating ideas you just have to try

perfect garden seating area

Have you ever visited with friends, having a chat in their living room or lounge, only to notice how everything in the room just ‘works’? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but somehow all items in the room are perfectly in sync with each other, creating a space that exudes comfort and cosiness. Do you find yourself wishing you had a garden seating area just like that? Then you’re in for a treat! Here you’ll find all the garden seating ideas you need to create the perfect spot for lounging and relaxing outdoors.

Garden seating ideas: the basics

Whether you’re planning on installing your garden furniture on the patio or right under a majestic tree in the back of the garden, the perfect garden seating area abides by three basic principles.

Rule #1: let it bask in the sun – but give the shade a chance

You get the most out of a garden seating area by installing it in a sunny place. Ideally, the area is oriented to the southeast or southwest. A southeast facing patio basks in the sun from morning until late afternoon, while a southwestern seating area captures the sunlight from the afternoon until late evening.

Evidently, not everyone is fond of a sunny terrace every hour of the day. Make sure your garden seating area is flexible enough so that your guests always have a choice between sunbathing and relaxing in the shade. Don’t know where to start? A parasol or a louvered canopy is all you need!

the best garden seating ideas

Rule #2: add a touch of Zen

Whether you’re curled up with a book or having friends over for drinks, you’ll enjoy your garden seating area the most if it gives you a feeling of privacy. Installing the garden furniture in a corner is the easiest way to achieve this. Arranging the seats close to the house, against a wall or garden fence, or under a pergola shields you from the wind, creates a warm atmosphere and even adds to your peace of mind.

the best garden seating ideas

(Source: Royal Botania)

Rule #3: harmony is key

Finally, make sure all elements of your seating area – from the garden furniture to the accessories – match each other to a T. Start by asking yourself:

  • ‘What style is my home’s facade?’
  • ‘Does my garden have a modern look and feel, or is it rather romantic?’
  • And, above all: ‘What is my personal style?’

Next, simply pick your canopy, garden chairs, cushions, decorations, flower pots, … accordingly, and you’re all done!

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