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Complete your roof terrace with a beautiful patio cover

roof terrace patio cover

If you’re not blessed with a cosy garden but do have a fantastic roof terrace with a gorgeous view, you have every reason to use it to the fullest. Looking for ways to make your roof terrace even more impressive? Dress it up with the right accessories and furniture and you can be sure to enjoy it all year round. Discover our tips! 

1. Add luxury with a patio cover  

Thanks to a patio cover you get to spend time outdoors no matter the season. Enjoying those warm summer evenings among friends becomes all the more attractive, and even in the winter you can invite people over for a drink or two on the terrace. Especially if you opt for a patio cover that comes with side panels and built-in heating – a perfect means to create extra living space, particularly if your apartment is on the small side. 

Did you know patio covers also serve as sunscreens? They will keep the sweltering summer sun out while still allowing some warm sunrays to sneak through your windows in the winter. If you opt for a louvred canopy, you can even control the amount of sunlight coming in. 

2. Go green! 

Your roof terrace may be located high in the sky, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look like an actual garden. Our tip? Try to incorporate as many different types of plants as you can to make your roof terrace look like an oasis! How about planting a small herb garden against the wall? You also can’t go wrong with an array of plants in high-quality pots and a hip plant hanging from the canopy. 

These plants will feel right at home on your roof: 

  • Ornamental grasses 
  • A (small) olive willow 
  • Black bamboo 
  • Strawberry plants 
  • Garden herbs (thyme, rosemary, ...) 
  • Lavender 
  • A fig tree 
  • Mexican orange blossom 

roof terrace patio cover

3. Stylish lighting  

Decorative lighting is the key to an appealing terrace. Hang a few lanterns and fun light garlands – and don’t hesitate to have LED lighting integrated into your patio cover. 

4. Fancy patio furniture 

By choosing a lounge set that perfectly matches your interior and the style of your roof terrace, your indoor and outdoor space will blend into each other whenever you open the door to the terrace. By the way, did you know that they even make carpets specially for terraces these days? Ideal for creating that bohemian atmosphere!