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Chillax! How to decorate a winter terrace that wows

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In winter, we tend to spend most of our days indoors. Still, despite the cold, the occasional breath of fresh air – even in the middle of winter – can work wonders for your health as well as your mood, especially if you’re the lucky owner of a cosy winter terrace.

Fun tips to decorate your winter terrace

Patios are the place to be during summer, but they do require some tender loving care to remain just as inviting when winter comes around. A few fail-proof tips to cosy up your winter terrace in a heartbeat:

Lanterns: from the rustic to the exotic

Lanterns are an asset to any type of terrace. Depending on their style, lanterns create a perfect backdrop for country-style garden parties, mystic oriental-inspired gardens, … Whatever your style, make sure that the light bulbs (or candles) emit a warm, cosy glow.

Don’t care much for lanterns? Then perhaps LED lighting is more your cup of tea. LED strips, for instance, subtly immerse your terrace in a classy atmosphere. And they’re particularly energy-efficient to boot.

Winter terrace

Winter plants make your terrace come to life

No patio is complete without plants. Ornamental grasses, small shrubs and hardy potted plants such as succulents make for an inviting terrace even during winter, as do miniature conifers.

And why not add a splash of colour while you’re at it? These winter-flowering bulbs thrive in pots:

  • Hellebore: white or pinkish flowers
  • Winter heath: bright fuchsia, purple pink or white flowers
  • Cyclamen: white or purple flowers


Your terrace, your style

One last tip: dress your terrace to impress! Christmas decorations during the festive season are self-evident, but don’t hesitate to add a few minimalist accessories to give your terrace a modern look and feel on regular days.

The basics for a wonderful winter terrace

There are plenty of fun ways to decorate your patio, but keep in mind that nothing beats a comfortable seating area. A canopy or patio cover helps keep your outdoor furniture clean and dry, and your guests warm and cosy. Blankets – and perhaps even a fire pit – work wonders, but don’t forget to look into integrated lighting and heating as well.

A stunning terrace in a blink of an eye?

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